Companies Offering Cheap Seo Is Not Good For Your San Diego Website.

Cheap! Cheap ! Cheap! Cheap ! Cheap! Everyone want something for cheap. Cheap is not always good. Over the past years gas prices, real estate and food has went up in San Diego County. Companies like yours had to raise prices just to keep up with the economy. If seo pricing was around $300 per month years ago, what make you think it still cost $300? These days local seo pricing starts at $400. Pricing is depending on your niche .  Any reliable local seo company in San Diego, CA can confirm this.  Pricing has increased due to Google making it hard for companies to obtain high search ranking on their search engine. This started a few years ago with the launch of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, just to name a few by Google.

Google  goal is to make their search more quality. In order for Google to accomplish this goal, they launched those updates to get rid of spam links and content. This is the reason why over 80% of websites completely lost their ranking and was unable to recover. These websites had to start from scratch. Google left a lot of people mind puzzling. After hours and days of listening to Google reasons for launching those updates, most seo companies and marketers got the hint. Google want quality content and quality backlinks.  When you hear the word, “Quality”, it is follow by higher prices. You can’t get a Ruth’s Chris steak at an Outback Steakhouse price. Do you see my point?

Yes, you can achieve high ranking  paying only $300 per month. That’s just temporary. Once Google implement another update, kiss your ranking Goodbye! This is what you’re getting for $300 per month.

  1. Spam Backlinks – These are links attached with your anchor text that has no value pointing back to your company website.
  2. Poor Content – This is taking quality articles from the web and spinning into multiple content and posting them on other content marketing sites for backlink purposes.
  3. Keyword Stuffing – This mean adding over 10 keywords into your meta tags.

Companies who charge $300 per month will outsource those items listed above to companies out of the US. Imagine your San Diego website getting penalized by Google due to those tactics. Getting penalized by Google will happen if you go or continue using cheap seo companies. You get what you paid for.  If you want your local seo campaign done right, you should speak with an experience local seo company in San Diego County.