Four Seo Tactics That Will Destroy Your Ranking On Google.

Google has been around for a long time and so has SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimizations. With the constant changes that Google is making to their search engine, seo marketers also have to adapt to these changes. There are a lot of search engine marketing companies that’s been around since the start of SEO.  Some seo marketing companies stay updated and understand Google changes. Some on the other hand, ignore these changes. There are also a lot of search engine marketing companies that open overnight and claim to know seo.

Google has change their search engine for the better. The better is improving the way users see search results by becoming a social search engine. Even though Google has constantly put out videos and blog content regarding their changes, most seo marketers still don’t get the picture. They are still using old seo tactics thinking, these tactics still work. These marketers or consultants are not educating their customers on the proper way to seo.

If you own a business and want your website to rank high on Google, hiring a seo marketing company or consultant will be ideal but, you want to make sure that company or consultant understand the proper way to implement search engine optimization. You don’t want your website to be penalized by Google in the long run. You can ask a lot of companies who has been penalized by Google what the outcome looks like.

To educate you as a business owner, here are four seo tactics that will destroy your ranking on Google :

  1. Duplicate Content – Taking content that is already published on the internet and adding the content to your website is very damaging. Google look at this as plagiarism. Your website should have original content across the board.
  2. Poor Content – This is basically, taking a piece of content that’s already been published on the internet and spinning it. There are a lot of companies that used software to spin content.  These software has the capability of taking a piece of content and making multiple pieces of content by substituting  certain words in the original content. You can tell if a piece of content was spun by just reading a few sentences.
  3. Keyword Stuffing – This is repeating the same keyword over and over again within your content. Google check the keyword density on each page based on the amount of content on that page. If Google sees a particular keyword showing high at a certain percentage, Google will automatically categorize your page as spam.
  4. Buying BackLinks – Having relevant quality links pointing back to your website is an important part of getting high ranking in Google. It takes a lot of time to get quality links to point back to your website and Google knows it. Buying backlinks to try and save you time is cheating the system.

Remember, you want your website to rank for long term and not short term. Using the above method will rank your website for short term but you will pay for it in your pockets in the long term. It’s best to hire an internet marketing agency that specialize in search engine marketing to provide you with the proper way to seo.  National seo marketing  or local seo marketing, everything applies the same.