Since the start of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the mid 90’s, search engine optimization was at the beginning of it stages. Back then, a lot of companies never heard of the term search engine optimization. There wasn’t as many websites on the internet as it is today. Search engine optimization  didn’t exist in most companies eyes when it came to marketing. Telemarketing , direct mail and Yellow page marketing was the big thing. In the early 2000’s , more and more websites started to show up on the internet. This is when search engine optimization started to gain momentum in the ears of website owners. Google & Yahoo had hit the pave running in the early 2000’s  to provide a structure of their search engine and the way people search online when, so many variety of websites started to bombard the internet.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting more visitors to your website by obtaining high search ranking in the major search engines. The higher your ranking is for your keywords, the more visitors to your website. The abbreviation of search engine optimization is SEO. When it come to search ranking, some people like to refer it as organic ranking. Organic ranking mean your website showing up naturally in the search engine without paying for your website to be there.  Here is an example of organic listing vs paid listing.


search results

The competing for high search ranking had begun in the early 2000’s. Companies started to optimize the website for high ranking on a national level. Back then, majority of websites circulating the internet provided services on a national level. Most of these websites was E-Commerce. As the internet grew, search engine optimization  got more popular. More and more E-Commerce websites started to gain traction. In which, started to threaten local businesses. Local businesses was seeing a decline in sales due to consumers using the internet to buy things online.  Most local companies don’t have the capability to sell their product or services nationwide. As more and more consumers got hip to technology, the internet had become a threat to the local business community.

Search engine optimization started on a national level.  Now it has gotten so big that this term had to be broken down into two sections. We call it national seo and local seo. The birth of local seo started around 2006.  As the internet became more popular, local businesses needed an outlet to keep their current customers and gain more customers. Local seo save the local business community by giving local businesses the opportunity to  become visible on major search engines.  I wrote an article back in 2005 stating, ” Within the next four years companies without a web presence will go out of business”.  That’s exactly what started to happen.

So, why is search engine optimization important for your business?

SEO increases your sales and clients by helping people find your website. 85% of online users go to Google to find what they are looking for. In order to get your website in front of those 85%  of online users, you will need to optimize your website to obtain those rankings. Search engine optimization also builds trust and credibility to your company. These are just a few reasons why search engine optimization is important to your business.

Keep in mind, search engine optimization is a long term strategy. Obtaining high search ranking on a national or local level doesn’t happen overnight. Search engine optimization is an investment and not a cost. You will reap the benefits in the long run.  Get excited!