How Do I Know My Website Is Good For Google?

Having a website for your business is crucial these days. Your website is your digital business card. Your website is also your image.  Website design has changed dramatically over the years. This is because the constant change of Google and the changes in consumer perception. Many years ago, everyone website was bland and simple. Building a one to five page site was good enough to get business and optimize your site for higher ranking. Consumers was just being introduced to websites online. Your bland website back in the day was good enough for Google and consumers.  Now it’s 2016. Google and consumers perception of a website in 2016 is compared to HD TV graphic these days. Your website has to be quality.

Nobody want a low graphic television. If you have a bland website, consider your company not trustworthy. Consumers that visit your website will immediately leave. Google will crawl your website but, won’t consider your website worthy enough to be on the 1st page. What is consider a bland website in 2016? Basically,  a bland website is one that is built with web design software that create pages ending “.html, .php, .htm, cfm, etc”. Here is an example of a bland website:


bland we

The above image is what Google don’t want and consumers don’t want to see. Your website in 2016 need to be responsive. Responsive mean easy to navigate and look presentable on both desktop and mobile devices.  There are 3rd party companies like Wix & Godaddy that offer businesses an option to build a responsive website on their own but, most of those 3rd party web design systems is not search engine friendly. This mean your website will be responsive but, when it come to ranking in the major search engines, you can hang that up.  Stay away from 3rd party website builder system.

It’s best to have  your website design in WordPress. Why? WordPress is the first CMS ( content management system) platform that change the perception of web design and the first platform to make it easy for search engines to crawl. Google love WordPress. With WordPress, you can create a responsive design that satisfy the consumer and Google. Joomla is another CMS platform that Google love, but it’s not as simple to learn as WordPress. Everything is heading towards mobile. So, having a responsive web design is important. A responsive website should look great on computers, tablets and mobile device. Here is an example:

responsive website

Building a responsive website is difficult and time consuming. There are plenty of web design companies that can create a responsive web design for your business. Make sure your website is built in WordPress or Joomla. This way, you have full control of your website and stay in the eyes of Google.