How Long Does It Take To Get High Google Search Ranking?

Out of all the online marketing methods,  search engine optimization still is the most important method for companies. Getting high search ranking in Google has always been a puzzle for most people. Including, companies that offer search engine optimization service. Google is constantly making changes to their search engine in order to bring a better search environment for users.  Being that Google constantly making changes, doesn’t mean you steer away for SEO. Steering away for SEO will be a big NO NO!

Majority of your website traffic comes from Google. In which, brings quality visitors. The one issue a lot of people want the answer to is, how long does it actually take to rank high in Google local search? At one point, most seo companies would have responded by saying,  it take 3- 6 months. That answer will then change to, between 9 – 12 months. This response was broad across the board. Meaning, regardless of your niche, this is the answer you will get to your question.  With that said, it’s hard to put a time on how long it takes to rank high in Google. But, what I can give you is an idea of the time limit you should expect to see results. This is assuming, local seo is done correctly.

rank local on google

First, let’s start by saying,  the more competitive your niche is and the bigger the city , the longer it will take for your website to see good results on Google.  Here are a few examples.

Example 1 – City Competition –  Let’s say,  you own a law firm in San Diego, CA. Your buddy owns a law firm in Palm Springs, CA. The legal field is already an competitive niche. Keywords like personal injury attorney, criminal defense attorney, bankruptcy attorney, etc, are the most competitive keywords in the legal field. We all know, San Diego, CA population is much bigger than Palm Springs, CA. This mean, there are more law firms in San Diego, CA than Palm Springs, CA. These law firms are competing to get on the first page of Google. In this case, expect to see great results and your web traffic increase rapidly within 6 to 9 months if your law firm is based in San Diego, CA. If you’re law firm is based in Palm Springs, CA , expect to see great results within 3 to 6 months. This is assuming you’re working with an experience local seo company.

Example 2 – Niche Competition – Let’s say you own a furniture store in San Diego, CA. Your buddy owns an antique shop. Clearly, there are more furniture stores than antique shops in San Diego, CA.  Optimizing for keywords related to furniture is more competitive than keywords related to antique shops. Therefore, expect to see great results for your furniture store within 6 to 9 months. If you own an antique shop, expect to see great results within 3 to 6 months.

In conclusion, local seo takes a while to benefit from but, the end result is great. You have to put money back into your company in order to grow. Look at local seo being one of the main marketing method you allocate your marketing dollars towards. While your local seo campaign is underway, you should consider allocating part of your marketing budget towards mobile search advertising to bring in incoming calls right away.

TK Pitts is an internet marketing strategist for 99 Neighbors is a local seo company in San Diego, CA.