Out With The Old School In With The New Lead Generation

In order for a company to increase their sales, they have to generate leads. There are many ways to generate leads for your business. Some people like the offline method as in, direct mail, TV, Radio, cold calling, newspaper and billboard ads. Others like the online method as in, email marketing, banner advertising, pay per click, affiliate marketing, just to name a few. Most small and large businesses depend on internet marketing or lead generation companies to provide these type of services. Some internet marketing companies are great at it. Some are not.


When it come to offline marketing, TV advertising is the most effective way to generate leads. Online marketing on the other hand, is a different ball game. There are a lot of ways to effectively get consumers to fill out your web form. If you notice, I didn’t mention seo or social media. There is a reason. SEO & social media is consider to be  strategies to generate leads for the long term without spending a whole lot of money in the short term. The others, you have to constantly spend a lot of money in the short and long term in order to see a good return on your investment. Most lead generation methods has come to a stand still. Businesses that are buying from lead generation companies can’t trust the type leads are being sold to them and how they are generated. Businesses that hire an online marketing company to perform email marketing, banner advertising , etc, can’t trust or know where the traffic is actually coming from due to bots.

When I say bots, I’m talking about websites or emails that manipulate the site data or the email list to fool businesses into thinking their site traffic or email list is legit in order to get the businesses to use their service. The bad thing is, it’s hard to tell if these websites or email list are bots. The point is, small businesses these days are having a hard time trusting companies for marketing due to bad experience. More and more businesses want more control over their marketing.

Now, let’s talk about, “out with the old school, in with the new lead generation method”.

Old School Methods:

  1. Direct Mail ( This is look at as junk mail. Most people throw these away. You will probably see a 1% ROI using this method. Imagine how much money you have to spend these days in order to see good ROI. )
  2. Email Marketing ( These days, spam protection is blocking everything. Most companies send unwanted emails to their spam box. They also may report your email or ad as spam to their servers. Email marketing can get real expensive just to only get MAYBE 1% ROI. )
  3. Cold Calling ( Majority of people don’t answer call coming from a number they don’t know. On top of that, finding good data these days is hard. Most companies using method spends about $30k to get a 1% ROI.  It is a hit or miss when it come to finding good data. )
  4. Banner Advertising ( This only good for branding. That is it. The problem is finding the right websites that actually have honest unique visitors. Also, consumers most likely won’t click on a banner. They rather X  them out. )
  5. NewsPaper ” Yellow Pages” ( One simple answer for this, INTERNET TAKEOVER )

Marketing Methods that are here to stay :

  1. SEO ” Local” ( Rather you have multiple locations nationwide or only have one location, local search optimization is where you need to put your focus. These days most people are searching for things locally and not nationally. Not having your website show up for local search results, stop you from gaining more local customers and keep your competitor thriving. )
  2. Pay Per Click ( I’m on the border with this being old school or here to stay because of Google. To me it’s old school when you use pay per click to drive traffic to a web form. On the other hand, you can use pay per click advertising in many ways to generate leads without going to a web form.)
  3. Social Media Marketing ( Time has change. Consumers want to feel like they can relate to your business. This is where becoming social come into play. Creating an effective social media marketing strategy can generate you quality leads for the long term.)
  4. Mobile Lead Generation ( This one is my favorite. How would you like to get incoming calls from mobile search users that inquiring about your service? How would you like to see 45% – 65% conversion rate? ( NO JOKE!) This subject is a whole new conversation. Will post soon!