Reasons Why Your Website Is Falling Short On Google.


When it come to major search engines, every business goal is to have their website on the first page of Google organically. Organic mean showing up in a search engine search result naturally instead of paying to be there. In order to show up naturally in search results, search engine optimization must be implemented. It’s easy to obtain high search ranking on Bing & Yahoo. Google on the other hand, can be a tough cookie to crack. With the constant changes Google is making to their search engine, it’s hard for some people to keep up with everything.

Google launched so many updates since 2012 to keep spammers from manipulating their search results. Google went to war. Unfortunately, a lot of  innocent business websites fell victim to this war. Numerous of businesses loss their ranking completely and was forced to start over. Given that Google has issued many tips and guidelines companies should follow in order to be in good standing with Google, there are still search marketers who are using the same seo tactics that got websites penalize in the first place. If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume you’re following the tips and  guidelines of Google and still having a hard time obtaining first page ranking. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of websites that’s competing for the same keywords as you. It’s all about, which websites has the better domain authority? Google determine a website’s domain authority based on the amount of relevant links pointed back to your website with a high domain authority score and of course, quality content. The reason why a lot of businesses are wondering why their website is falling short on Google is due to improper or not enough search engine optimization.

Improper Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Poor Link Building
  2. Poor Content
  3. Keyword Spamming

Not Enough Search Engine Optimization:

You’re doing everything right but, your website still falling short. SEO is an ongoing process. It takes time and patience. Keep providing quality content and stay away from keyword spamming. You should also focus on:

  1. Obtaining More Natural Back Links
  2. Improving Your Domain Authority
  3. Increasing Your Social Presence

Proper search engine optimization is the same for national seo marketing and local seo marketing. The only difference between the two is in the words themselves, “National & Local” .