The Best Ways To Generate Leads Online In 2017.

2017 is around the corner. You, as a business owner, is probably putting together your marketing plan for 2017. In your marketing plan, generating leads online should be on the top of your list. Every company depend on leads in order to increase their sales. Rather your company leads are generated from TV, radio, online or word of mouth, leads are leads. When it come to generating leads online, the main issues most companies have is getting traffic to their website and targeting the right type of traffic.

These issues are challenging to the regular business owner. Most companies seek the help of a lead generation company or lead aggregation company to generate leads online. I suggest to stay away from lead aggregation companies.  What is lead aggregation company? A company that resell leads from 3rd party aggregators. This mean, you’re buying online leads that’s been sold more than one time.  Some lead generation companies are actually lead aggregation companies. How can you tell the difference? It’s simple. If a lead company is charging you on a per lead basis, that lead company is most likely a lead aggregation company.

We are talking about generating leads online and not buying online leads.  If you’re paying for leads, you shouldn’t have to compete with other companies. Creating an effective online lead generation campaign is the best way to go in 2017. Consult with a lead generation company that don’t charge per lead.  There are a lot of ways to generate leads online but, most of those online methods are washed up. Time has evolved and so has people’s way of looking at the internet. For example, email marketing use to be the top way to generate leads 10 years ago.  Now, it’s looked at as spam. People hate spam.

Here are the best ways to generate leads online in 2017 :

  1. SEO – Everyone know seo takes time and most companies need leads right now. That’s understandable but, don’t stare away from search engine optimization. If implemented right, expect to receive quality leads in the long run for a long period of time.
  2. Pay Per Click  Advertising – This method is a great way to generate fast traffic to your web form.  Some companies tend to be skeptical on ppc advertising. That’s because of bad experience they’ve encountered.  If you’re pay per click campaign is failing, please get help from a ppc management agency. Don’t waste your money trying to do it yourself. It take time to understand pay per click advertising. Leave it to the experts.
  3. Social Media Marketing – Here is another great way to generate leads online. Keep in mind, not every social platform is best for your company. If you want to generate leads from social sites on a local level, Facebook is your best bet. If you’re generating leads on a national level, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the rest of the social platform is the way to go.
  4. Mobile Marketing – Mobile is becoming the next big thing. Everyone uses their mobile phone to search for things online. With the downloads of millions of apps on mobile phones, getting your company in front of millions of mobile users is ideal. You should invest into mobile lead generation.