Three Internet Marketing Tactics You Should Gear Up For In 2017.

2017 is approaching and putting together an internet marketing plan is important. Finding the right internet marketing tactics for your business can be challenging. There are a lot of things you need to put into consideration and one of them is, determine your budget. You probably tried multiple internet marketing tactics to increase your company’s sales but, none of them work. Maybe one work but, the cost per conversion was too high. If you’re experiencing this issue, you’re not alone. There are two reasons why your internet marketing campaign is not working.

  1. Wrong marketing method – Not all internet marketing method is right for your company. ( It’s best to consult with an experience internet marketing strategist to determine which internet marketing method(s) is a fit for your business.)
  2. Wrong Implementation – You probably hire someone that lacks experience.

As the internet marketing trend continue to changed over the years, so has consumers. You have to change your company marketing tactics as well. Ask yourself, how do consumers look at the internet? How do consumers find what they need online? These are the main questions you should consider when gearing your internet marketing plan for 2017.  So, let’s talk about the top three internet marketing tactics you should consider in 2017.

  1. SEO – SEO is short for, search engine optimization. The only bad thing about seo is hiring the wrong seo company or consultant to help increase your search ranking. If everyone knows seo, you’re company doesn’t have a chance. Do you get my drift? Search engine optimization is important to your internet marketing strategy because of Google & Bing. There is no other way for a consumer to search online for what they’re looking for. If a consumer is need of an auto repair shop within their area, you can bet your last dollar, that consumer is going to search on Google or Bing.
  2. Social Media Marketing – Everything revolves around social media. Including, SEO.  Over the last few years,        social media marketing  has shown to be a great way to build relationship with current customers and gain new customers. These days, consumers want to feel like they’ve known you for a while. In a way, social media marketing provides the, ” Referral Effect” . Meaning, if a consumer like your product or services, there is a high chance that consumer will tag your business on their post to their friends.
  3. Mobile Search Marketing –It’s time for your business to dive into mobile search marketing. Mobile search marketing is the new form of lead generation. Instead of buying leads or generating leads to your web form, focus on generating incoming calls from mobile users. Everyone uses their mobile phone to search for what they need. Get your business in front of these mobile users. Entice them to call your business with a click of a button.