Top Two Fastest Way To Generate Leads In San Diego

If you’re in a business niche where your company in San Diego success depend on leads, you might was wondering how you can effectively generate quality leads.  Most companies in San Diego that depend on leads have tried every lead generation method in the book from direct mail, cold calling on list, radio advertising, tv advertising, etc. But, none of these seems to have a long term solution to your lead generation marketing plan. Some companies in San Diego bought leads from lead generation companies that promise to world and only deliver a state.  There are some quality lead generation companies out there but, the max lead app ratio you see from them is around 15%- 20%. This is not a closing percentage, this is a LEAD TO APP percentage. Closing percentage is around 10% to 12%.  These percentage has been the norm since lead generation existed.

A lot of businesses has lost faith in buying from lead generation companies due to the fact,  most lead companies sell the same information to multiple companies. Business owners are getting tired of competing with other companies. Consumers are getting tired of getting calls from multiple companies for the same thing. A lot of businesses started to take a shot at ppc advertising to generate leads. Most had fail due to the lack of knowledge of ppc advertising. So, they go right back to what they know best and that is buying leads.

Well I’m here to say, you don’t have to buy leads from lead companies anymore. It’s time to take more control of your lead generation campaign. Meaning, knowing where your leads are coming from. With the help of a lead generation consultant, you can allocate your marketing dollars towards the top two ways to generate leads for your business in San Diego, CA.

  1. Mobile Lead Generation – This is by far the highest converting form of marketing to date. Mobile lead generation is all about the incoming calls. These are consumers who uses their mobile phone to search for what their looking for on Google & Bing. For example, lets say a consumer just got into a car accident in San Diego and in need of a car accident attorney. This consumer goes to Google or Bing on their mobile phone and search the term ” Car Accident Attorney San Diego” .  From there, the consumer will see a few ads pertaining to attorneys that specialize in car accidents. The consumer will then chose the most appealing ad and click to call that law firm.  It’s that simple. Mobile lead generation not only converts over 50%, this form of marketing gives the advertiser more control and trust. Why pay per click to a web form when you can pay per call?
  2. Social Media Marketing – There numerous social media sites that offer advertising but, Facebook is ideal. Facebook still holds the crown when it comes to building relationships. Facebook give you the ability to drive traffic to your website at a cheap cost. They have variety of ways you can generate leads.  You can generate leads within Facebook by setting up a lead form on your Facebook business page. You can also implement a call now button. Enticing, Facebook users to call your business.

These are the top two fastest ways to generate quality leads for your business in San Diego County.