Why Yext Is A Waste Of Time For Your Business

Getting your business on the first page of Google local listing is  important. Few years ago, when local listing was starting to peak, Yext was created. Yext is basically YP and Dex Media into one. They will deny this claim but, that’s who they are. When Yext first introduce their company to the public, they were advertising 1st page ranking on Google Maps for only $49 per month. Every marketing company in the world look at this as a scam. There is no way any marketing company can accomplish that. Yext grew overnight due to the database of YP and Dex Media.  After a couple of years of manipulating customers on their cheap plan, Yext switch their business model to a local directory management system. Why? A lot of their consumers notice they were getting bamboozled and was cancelling their Yext services.

Yext Local directory management system allow business owners to submit their business information with a click of a button to a bunch of local directories. This service cost between $500 – $1000 per year. Yext concept is the more local directories you submit to, the higher your Google Local Listing ranking will be. This is not true. Of course you want to submit to as many local directories as possible so your business can have more exposure.  Google just doesn’t look at the amount of local directories your business is listed in to determine your Google Local Listing Ranking. Google also look at the credibility of your website, the longitude and latitude of your company, and reviews.

Why Is Yext A Waste of Time For Your Business?

  1. Too expensive ( Why pay $500 to $1000 every year when it only takes one time to submit your business information to local directories? )
  2. Farming Directories ( Google doesn’t condone farming sites. This mean having multiple websites that offer the same services under one umbrella. Most of the directories that Yext have in their system is own by Yext )
  3. Low Site Authority ( Google determine your ranking based on the authority of the backlinks pointing to your website from a scale of 0 – 100 with 100 being the highest. Take a look at your back links from Yext and you can see how low the trust authority of those sites.
  4. No Control – When you sign up for Yext services, you gave them full control of your business listing. When you cancel, you lose everything. WASTE!


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