When it come to your business in San Diego County, getting valuable leads for your company is important. Valuable leads is what make a company successful. Who want to cold call for business? Your website is your new business card as, I mention in a previous article. Having a website is great. Now it’s time to put your website to work. You have a website but, it’s not generating any or enough leads for your company. A lot of companies in San Diego County is experiencing this issue. What’s the purpose of a website if no one is calling or filling out my online form? This is the main question I hear when I speak with business owners in San Diego, CA.

There are many reasons why you’re not generating enough or any leads from your website. First, if you’re not doing any  marketing to your website, of course you’re not going to get any leads. Before I breakdown the marketing aspect of it, let’s talk about a few internal website reasons why your website is not generating leads.

  1. Poor Web design ( If your web design is outdated, visitors coming to your website will automatically close the tab and move to the next. In 2016, you website should not look like a website that was create 15 years ago. )
  2. Minimal Call to Action ( The purpose of having a website is for branding, providing consumers with valuable information and to generate leads. If you’re website doesn’t have enough call to actions displayed, you are losing out on leads. A Call to action can be your phone number, email address, or an online form. )
  3. Website not mobile friendly ( Mobile is becoming the biggest next thing. Over 55% of consumers uses their mobile phone to visit a website. If you’re website design and navigation don’t look like the desktop version on a mobile phone, you’re losing out on tons of  leads. Your website should be responsive to have the same look and feel on a mobile device or tablet as is on a Desktop. It’s time to go mobile! )
  4. Boring Content ( When it come to describing your services, your content should be straight to the point. Consumers don’t like to read a long piece of content about your services. They want to know the who, what, where, how, and why.  Leave the long pieces of content for your blog. )

Now we got that part out of the way. Let’s talk about the marketing aspect of it. Here are a the main marketing methods your company should be doing to generate more leads on website

  1. Search Engine Optimization ( This marketing method is very important to your company success in the future. Obtaining first page ranking  on Google maps and organic will significantly drive traffic to your website.  It’s hard to accomplish this goal on your own without the help of a seo company or consultant. Keep in mind, it takes time to obtain first page ranking on Google. )
  2. Social Media Marketing  ( Content is Key. Building up your social media profiles will allow you to share your content to social media users. Who will then, visit your website. )
  3. PPC Advertising ( This marketing method is the fastest way to get consumers to visit your website. PPC advertising does cost money.  You have to spend money to make money. )

Keep in mind, none of these three marketing methods will work if you haven’t fixed the issues mentioned above regarding the internal issues on  your website.